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Today most CNC programs for manufacturing CAD models are no longer generated by manual specification of the programming code on the CNC machine, but rather on the computer. In this process, toolpaths are generated that are in turn translated to the language of the machines – the NC code (numerical control) – in postprocessing. The benefits of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are clear: The entire manufacturing process can be better automated and standardized, it is significantly faster, more reliable and less error-prone, it can be better planned and it permits greater flexibility. However, these advantages are only realized if the CAM software is highly functional and emphasis is given simultaneously to all processes. 

The obligations of being in the forefront

Over 30 years ago, Tebis was the first 3D CAM system that ran on a PC – the automotive industry was delighted and promised the fledgling company orders on the spot. With its Automill® technology, Tebis made a significant contribution in the 1990s to accelerating NC programming in model, mold and die manufacturing. Tebis remains true to this day to its leading role in serving its customers. Tebis allows you to quickly and easily generate collision-checked NC programs in all manufacturing-related industries and application areasProcess libraries and variable-feature technology enable standardized and automated manufacturing. Consulting and implementation specialists help you optimize your processes and customize them to meet your company’s needs. If desired, you can completely plan and control your manufacturing processes with the ProLeiS MES solution (manufacturing execution system) integrated in Tebis. 

The benefits of Tebis CAM software at a glance

  • Collision-checked complete programs for simple and complex parts
  • For all 2.5D, 3D turning and 5-axis machining operations
  • Best-in-class interfaces
  • Manufacturing-related CAD preparation functions
  • Simple user guidance
  • Complete manufacturing knowledge can be stored in the CAM software
  • End-to-end programming across all manufacturing types with the Tebis Job Manager
  • Quickly perform repetitive tasks
  • Standardized process libraries
  • High degree of planning and process reliability thanks to Tebis simulation methods
  • HPC and HFC milling
  • Support for modern high-performance tools like circular segment cutters
  • Outstanding surface qualities
  • Long tool life
  • The right postprocessors for all types of machines, including robots
  • High degree of flexibility on the plant floor with Tebis Viewer systems
  • Optimal machine utilization
  • High degree of expertise in consulting
  • Individual solutions
  • Integrated MES system

Appropriate for every industry...


... and for all applications

When we launched Version 1.0 in 1986, Tebis was the first 3D CAD/CAM system that ran on a PC. Version 2.1 entered the market in 1990 and allowed users to mill across surfaces with any milling tools and account for stock allowances. This was something new.

Bernhard Rindfleisch, Tebis AG founder and Board Member

According to independent American consulting and market research company CIMdata, Tebis offers one of the most comprehensive systems for the manufacturing industry. In a white paper published in 2016, CIMdata affirms that Tebis Software and Services are based on the latest technology as well as many years of experience in optimizing manufacturing processes.


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