CNC automation for single-part manufacturing

Model the manufacturing environment and manufacturing knowledge digitally with Tebis Automill®

In automated CNC programming, NC programs for CNC-controlled machine tools are no longer created using the conventional method with individual manual operations by an NC programmer on CNC controls and CNC programming systems. Instead, a software application evaluates the digital CAD part model and accesses a previously stored structure made up of digitized representations of the company's available manufacturing environment and manufacturing knowledge stored in templates to calculate the NC program.


How does CNC automation work? Your Tebis NC programmers use process libraries containing your machines, controls, tools, and clamping devices as individual objects. Your Tebis software thus knows your special manufacturing environment in detail. Still more: Your optimized manufacturing knowledge is also stored in NC templates and enables standardized work and automation for your NC programming.

Real available machines and tools are stored as digital twins in process libraries.

Automill® process libraries form the basis for CNC automation

The process libraries specially developed for your company can be used simultaneously by all of your Tebis workstations, regardless of their number.

When calculating NC programs, Tebis accesses process libraries for:

  • Virtual machines
  • NC controls (postprocessors)
  • Technology packages consisting of tools, NCSets, features and Job Managers
  • Clamping devices
  • Templates for NC documentation

On request, we can archive your process libraries and provide them for you to download with every release. Of course, all of your process libraries can be protected against unintentional disclosure to third parties. 

CAM process structuring as a service

Switch to CNC automation and embark on the road to Industry 4.0. Your manufacturing professionals can independently adjust some process libraries; others require a Tebis implementation specialist.






Get the maximum benefit from your investment in Tebis software. In our company's history dating back over 30 years, we have optimized the manufacturing processes of Tebis customers in more than 2,000 projects. Working together with your specialists, our application engineers examine procedures, define standards, and derive templates and patterns. The focus is on maximum utilization of programming, machine capacity, tools and manufacturing technologies. Tebis specialists help your organization reach its goals by increasing your entrepreneurial flexibility.

Virtual machines

Your virtual machine objects can be easily and cost-effectively set up by the Tebis implementation service.

These are needed to represent your machines in your Tebis CNC programming environment. These ensure safety in the CNC automation environment. Detailed digital twins of your actual machining centers and robots are created from our large inventory of catalog machines. The virtual model includes machine geometry, additional equipment, kinematics, limit switches, dynamic parameters for axes and drives and much more.

  • Your manufacturing planners use the virtual machines for feasibility testing and to precisely determine machining time.
  • Your NC programmers use the virtual machines to define the correct setups and to check the calculated NC programs for collisions and limit switch problems – and even to spontaneously switch an entire manufacturing project to a different machine.
  • Postprocessors use information from the virtual machines when outputting NC programs in the control format.
  • Machine operators simulate the machining operation based on actual machine kinematics.

Technology packages

We also offer our implementation services to design your technology packages. Our process specialists first prepare a concept, coordinate it with you, and implement it in your process libraries.

The technology packages are an important part of CNC automation. The Tebis software accesses these libraries during the automated calculation of NC programs.

  • Tool library storing your actual tools with proven and optimized cutting data. Tool groups can also be represented, such as for machine magazines.
  • NCSet library containing standardized manufacturing sequences – with the associated NC calculation functions, NC strategies, the required tools, and all calculation parameters.
  • Feature library containing parametric manufacturing objects that can be transferred to the component by scanning, and for which NC manufacturing is described with a manufacturing sequence.
  • Job Manager library with Job Manager templates that are used for identical or similar manufacturing tasks.


These are required to output the calculated toolpaths in your CNC controls' special format. Depending on their design and complexity, you will require an individualized postprocessor for each of your machines. These are available for milling, turning, laser cutting, turning/milling and for robots (with more than 5 axes).

Tebis implementation technicians use available catalog postprocessors to create your individual postprocessors to your exact specifications.

Clamping devices

These are used to represent your actual clamping devices. The NC programmer thus specifies the setup in a way that is unmistakable. This prevents collisions with clamping devices that would require renewed NC programming.

NC documentation templates

These are needed to document your NC programs for your shop. They can be output in XML format or as a PDF file, for printing on paper and for viewing on screen.
Tebis implementation technicians use the available catalog templates to program your individual templates to your exact specifications.

Your benefits in the overall process

  • Stored individual manufacturing knowledge
  • Standardized and automated NC programming
  • Fast learning curve for employees in NC programming
  • High collision safety
  • High manufacturing quality
  • Short manufacturing times on the machine
  • Low error rate

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