CNC programming

For greater reliability and automation

Many CNC machine manufacturers currently offer shop-oriented programming solutions to simplify CNC programming directly on the machine. However, these systems quickly reach their limits – usually when deadlines get tight, parallel programming and setup during uptime are required, multiple machines are used, many work steps have to be coordinated, errors have to be prevented,  parts become more complex or not enough qualified personnel are available. In this case, it is significantly simpler and more efficient to create CNC programs independently from machine control using CAD/CAM software such as Tebis. Tebis combines speed, reliability, and a high degree of automation with the greatest possible flexibility and provides industry-specific solutions for all application areas such as 2.5D, 3D, and 5-axis machining. All solutions can be freely combined with each other. 

This is how the manufacturing process works with Tebis: You import design data via interfaces and prepare it for CNC programming. You create the CNC programs in a highly automated process using templates – your entire manufacturing environment, including tools, machines, and clamping devices is modeled in the Tebis process libraries. If necessary, you can optimize programs and finally output completely collision-checked toolpaths to the machine. 

Import design data via interfaces

Tebis offers standard and direct interfaces to all of the usual CAD systems. It not only includes geometric data for the blank, finished part, and clamping devices, but also contains structural information such as assembly, layer, set and filter structures as well as colors. Drilling features as well as product and manufacturing information can also be imported. Tebis also has special interfaces, such as reading in features. 

Prepare the part

First, analyze the part, close holes, create extension and extended surfaces, structure it using colors and layers, separate out elements and topologies, automatically divide milling areas and determine appropriate manufacturing methods. You can also create clamping systems as a CAD model for multiple setups. You can generate create the complete electrode with wizard assistance in electrode preparation. Tebis Sketcher helps you with parametric turning contours. All machining information is automatically transferred to the model for prismatic machining. 

Automatically generate CNC programs

Load the Job Manager and the machining templates and automatically select the elements to be machined. The next step is to select collision bodies and the starting blank and initiate automated CNC calculation. The optimum machining strategy for the selected machine is automatically assigned, with preference given to standard tools with suitable lengths. The tool length is automatically adjusted by the integrated collision avoidance. If desired, you can quickly and easily prepare a reliable 5-sided machining operation. Check the tilt direction with the integrated tilt direction preview and adjust it interactively. You can mill on meshes or directly on surfaces with Tebis. You can prepare the next part while programs are still being automatically calculated in the background. 

Optimize and output CNC programs

You can reduce the number of machining tools, adjust the automatically determined tool length, if necessary, and modify the clamping situation, if needed. You can simulate the CNC program and check the machining operation with all components for collision. If collisions are detected, have the milling areas automatically reduced or easily convert 3-access toolpaths into 5-axis simultaneous toolpaths. Output the NC programs as NC code with postprocessors exactly configured to your machines and controls.

Your benefits in the overall process

  • Consistent high quality standard
  • End-to-end processing
  • High degree of reliability thanks to standardized processes
  • Lower tool costs through consistent use of standard tools
  • Optimal traversing movements
  • Shorter programming and setup times
  • High degree of automation with simultaneous flexibility
  • Fast training for new personnel
  • No more programming on the machine

What our customers are saying

With our previous software, we had four programming seats to support four machines. With Tebis, we have reduced this to one seat, and the machines cannot even keep up with our programming.

Craig Rollag, Production Manager, Tennant Company


Tebis significantly reduces the time needed for NC programming and simultaneously increases reliability.

Michael Holmström, Managing Director, Swepart Verktyg i Tyringe AB, Sweden


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