Machine data acquisition with ProLeiS

Current status information and conclusive statistics provide key data

Machine Data Acquisition (MDA) with ProLeiS creates the interface between your machine and project monitoring. You receive valuable information on current status and history. All the relevant data on machine use is displayed at a glance.

You can discover downtime using a well-proven analysis of the systematically recorded data. Machine Data Acquisition lets you create transparency and identify opportunities to increase machine utilization.

Machine Data Acquisition A clear view of the plant floor at all times

ProLeiS creates a virtual simulation of your manufacturing plant.  

The virtual building layout shows current machine status: A traffic-light system visualizes in real time machines that are running, idle or faulted. Select a specific machine and get information from the machine data acquisition about measured data like status, feed rate and speed. An integrated live WebCam shows you all activity in and around the machine at a glance.

Detailed representation of machine utilization

Valid data instead of gut feelings Graphically prepared statistics let you compare manufacturing data ProLeiS prepares transparent diagrams for one or more machines; you specify the time frame. Evaluate the information and get conclusive data for manufacturing control:

  • Machine runtimes and idle times
  • Production times and downtime
  • Setup times
  • Outages and faults

Machine Data Acquisition: ProLeiS shows the distribution and history of production times and downtime in the diagram.


Optimized acquisition of downtime


Solution for individual customer requirements, proven in practice

We know about heterogeneous production environments and, as an experienced partner, we can flexibly adapt our tried-and-true ProLeiS solution to our customers’ requirements. We support you in connecting your machines, integrating machines, systems and processes and training your employees. The ProLeiS "Machine Data Acquisition" function lets you derive important manufacturing data. This allows you to recognize potentials for improvement in order to increase machine utilization. It has been proven in practice to start with the Machine Data Acquisition, Manufacturing Data Management and Manufacturing Planning functions; this lays the groundwork for complete representation of your order processing.


 Your benefits from the ProLeiS "Machine Data Acquisition" function:


  • Increase machine runtimes
  • Minimize acquisition effort


  • Acquire data in real time
  • Fulfill verification requirements


  • Valid data instead of gut feelings
  • Traceable and analyzable


  • Quickly respond to changing requirements
  • Improve order assignment

What our customers are saying: 

“With the help of Tebis and Proleis, our machines are now operating at 90 percent capacity. Now we only need three to four weeks for machining operations that used to take six to eight weeks."

 Read more in the user report: "Double your productivity with Tebis and Proleis"

Rolf Hädicke and Mark Gras
Managing Directors of PS-Prototypenschmiede GmbH  

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