Manufacturing planning

Assign processes, employees and machines to projects and to each individual part

In order to complete all your projects on time, including all the individual parts to be manufactured, manufacturing planners initially perform preplanning, then project planning and finally detailed planning and resource planning. ProLeiS provides useful apps for this process with graphical support that covers your company's infrastructure and all your processes. All apps are linked with the same ProLeiS database and always provide up-to-date information.

In detail: Manufacturing planning starts with importing the product structure (from Excel, for example.) Manufacturing planners first specify deadline milestones for their projects that indicate when each part has to be completed; this allows the assembly and tryout of the overall die to begin on time. They then define the specific CAD/CAM/NC processes that will be used to manufacture the parts and the employees and machines that will do the work.

Preplanning and project planning

In preplanning, the milestones for one or more simultaneous projects are represented. The duration of the projects, details on the individual milestone sections, capacity utilization information and associated files are all represented in the ProLeiS project planner and explorer:

Project planner

The project overview visualizes the duration of the projects, details on the individual milestone sections and capacity utilization.

All preplanning and project planning functions are performed using the project planner. This includes creating new structures, inserting milestone and process templates and supporting planning templates with a single click for extremely fast and effective preplanning.

Project explorer

After creating the project structures, the project Explorer provides access to all project information and all documents like Word files, PDFs and images.

Detailed planning and resource planning

In detailed planning, planners assign bill of material numbers and processes to the parts to be manufactured, thereby creating a network plan that includes all of the processes required to manufacture the individual parts and the overall die after assembly and tryout. For this process, they specify all manufacturing steps and times using standardized templates. Automatic capacity synchronization helps with planning employees and machines. The result is a transparent supply of orders for all employees and machines that is represented in each personal planning view.

The ProLeiS planning apps provide convenient functions for this process:

Bill of materials viewer

The bill of materials created by the designer show the parts that need to be manufactured and parts that have to be purchased


The project is temporally structured using milestones.

Manufacturing planner

Standardized templates are assigned to the parts to be manufactured in the graphical template editor. This results in manufacturing the part in the Job Manager.

Manufacturing controller

This shows the machine that will be used and the timeframe for each part and task. Planned and free capacities are also indicated.

Process controller

The process controller is used for preparing evaluations. The image shows the planned utilization of a group of machines in a selected timeframe.

Personal planning view

The personal planning view shows the individual tasks for each employee and for each machine. It shows the plan’s timeline and the relationship of the tasks to the overall project. The employee or an automatic function sets the appropriate status when a task is processed.

Your benefits in the overall process

  • High degree of transparency in the manufacturing process
  • Improved on-time delivery
  • Better resource utilization
  • Optimized manufacturing

We know heterogeneous production environments, and as an experienced partner we can flexibly adapt our proven ProLeiS MES to your customers’ requirements. We’ll support you in connecting your machines, integrating machines, systems and processes and training your employees. With ProLeiS manufacturing planning, you can assign processes, employees and machines to projects and to parts. You specify milestones and ensure transparency. It has been proven in practice that starting with machine data acquisition, product data management and manufacturing planning starter packages is the optimal way to lay the groundwork for a complete representation of your order processing.


What our customers are saying:

Our infrastructure relies on our long-term partnerships and consistently high quality. Significantly higher productivity is guaranteed to ensure a fast amortization of investments. ProLeiS more than meets these needs: With ProLeiS, we substantially increase our throughput thanks to optimized manufacturing planning and smooth data management.

Dr. Louis Schneider
Managing Director of Schneider Form GmbH, Dettingen unter Teck, Germany

Thanks to the order wizard and planning templates, we can plan an entire vehicle type with just a few clicks of the mouse – it couldn't be easier.

Frank Eberhardt
Planner for Tooling and Equipment Manufacturing at Daimler AG, Sindelfingen, Germany

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