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Tebis improves your automotive production with innovative technology throughout the entire CAD/CAM/NC process chain. You retain control over all processes from the constant changes in form development from the design phase to machining of injection molds and draw dies to precisely timed final machining of caste and forged series parts. Tebis transforms reality to a simulated virtual world and gives you the results you need. You can keep costs for material, machining, and corrections to a minimum and accelerate your entire process. You can manage your design and manufacturing processes in a specialized software environment.

We service all sectors 

You can quickly and easily design surfaces with Tebis at the start of the modeling cycle – in design studies, cubings and prototypes. And you can benefit from the high degree of software automation and flexibility in NC programming. These benefits also extend to molds, dies and fixtures, or to the series production of power train and chassis components. 



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Process-oriented procedures

We are process-oriented in our thinking and see the relationship between functions and procedures. A few examples from the automotive sector:

  • You can quickly return changes to the real model directly back into the virtual world.
  • All overbends in the die surfaces are stored – from the first simulation to the last correction – and changes to the input data are simply integrated.
  • Your optimally equipped machines function well thanks to integrated machine simulation that ensures complete process reliability..

Preparation for manufacturing requirements

  • Tebis analysis and repair functions help you quickly and easily detect and correct problem areas.
  • You can prepare new elements such as mounting or separation surfaces with convenient design functions.
  • You can design pressure areas in the draw dies and clear negative radii without transitions.

Intelligent NC programming

  • Use templates and libraries, simplifying the work for everyone involved in the process.
  • You remain fully flexible during programming – aspects such as tool orientation can thus always be changed interactively.
  • Automated 2.5D milling ensures shorter programming times and high part quality.

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