Industrial design

Good design - the fast, reliable route to product success with Tebis

Good design increases your competitiveness – especially with the leading technological and economical solution from Tebis. Tebis lets your team work with high precision and top performance to generate perfect surfaces for the subsequent process steps as quickly as possible and without compromising form or function. We provide you with high-performance tools and innovative technology for optimum surface design – in the automotive, aerospace and consumer products industries.

Industrial design


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Accelerate design processes

  • Quickly generate design services for CAD systems and class-A surfaces for CAS systems from mesh data
  • Simple generation of free-form curves and surfaces and design changes
  • Convenient matching of outdated surfaces with updated mesh data
  • Automatic or manual checking and correction of surfaces
  • Global geometry morphing

These are your benefits

  • Implement innovative, unique and tested technology
  • Reduce development time without compromising quality

Example: Automotive interior/exterior

How to quickly ready products for the market: Using Tebis, transfer the complete scan of a vehicle in 1:1 scale with pre-class-A surfaces in only 50 hours and in a design-quality surface model in only 25 hours. Well-known automobile manufacturers therefore smoothly integrate their clay models in the design process much faster with our software. Aerodynamic and packaging studies, feasibility studies or design changes can be performed with time savings in parallel. Tebis makes it easy to implement customer requirements in engineering and design surfaces.

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