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Every machine used in model, mold, die and machine manufacturing could be working productively for 8,400 hours each year. Based on an evaluation of over 100 results from the sector, we know that the machines are working productively only 30 percent of the time, corresponding to 2,500 hours per year. And even during this productive time, the machines could often be used more effectively if the processes around them were optimized. We'll show you how to do this.

Increase machine productivity


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Machine run time is a crucial determining factor in a company’s productivity. For example: Increasing the productive operating time of a machine by only 500 hours per year decreases the hourly machine cost by 15 percent and reduces the overall manufacturing costs of your products. You simultaneously gain 500 hours of manufacturing capacity, so that you can either reduce external procurement or manufacture more with the same time and effort. These factors directly affect your company’s result and improve your efficiency and competitiveness. Unfortunately, machine downtime in many companies is still longer than necessary – an average of 5,900 hours per machine and nearly a year of unused potential.

Increasing the productive operating time of our customers' machines is a priority for Tebis AG. Out of 8,400 possible hours in the year, machines are only operating productively approximately 30 percent of the time. Downtime can be reduced and utilization time extended with appropriate measures including optimizing the setup process, generating complete programs and increasing operating periods at night. This increases the productive operating time of the machine.

Maintenance and cleaning are necessary, but downtime due to missing information, collisions and setup processes on the machines are avoidable. With our expert consulting, we help you examine your procedures and increase your productive run time with relevant industry-specific solutions. For example:

  • Generate complete programs
  • Optimize setup processes up to and including multiple setups
  • Solutions for flexible and more reliable multiple-part setup
  • Increase process reliability as the basis for low-manpower machine run time
  • Logistics and personnel motivation for machine operation
  • Prevent collisions
  • Provide relevant information at the machine
  • Work with standardized tools
  • Create an online connection to external tool management systems
  • Plan and control for optimal utilization and better material flow

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