Reduce lead time

Plan better and accelerate processes

Short delivery times and on-time delivery are frequently deciding factors for awarding contracts. False promises frustrate customers and employees alike, because they create chaos in manufacturing. Suppliers who offer short delivery times and plan ahead to meet their delivery deadlines have a clear competitive advantage. This is a good reason to closely examine the lead times in your own manufacturing and make improvements. Accelerating your processing pays for itself in multiple ways: You always deliver quickly and on time, make optimal use of your resources, and can respond more flexibly to the market. You win orders that you could not even plan before. Did you know that about 60 percent of lead time is spent idling and waiting?

Reduce lead time


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What is the situation with transport and idle times? How long will material procurement take? Are the work paths optimal? Mobilize your capacity reserves. In addition to accurate planning, this requires an overview of available capacities and resources, and the internal flow of materials. Tebis Consulting shows you effective methods that can be easily integrated into your everyday manufacturing to significantly reduce your lead times.

We accelerate your processes:

  • Optimal planning and control of projects prevents bottlenecks
  • Structured organization of work and processes speeds up production
  • Eliminating unnecessary procedures reduces manufacturing expenditures
  • Shorter idle and wait times increase throughput
  • A reasonable spatial concept minimizes transport and work paths
  • Optimal flow of material keeps manufacturing running
  • Minimizing setup times saves valuable work time

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