Sinker EDM

For a shorter lead time and greater process safety

Sinker EDM is the manufacturing method of choice if sharp inner corners or deep cavities are required in die and mold manufacturing. This is achieved by milling a negative of the geometry as an electrode in a conductive material (usually copper or graphite). The application of high electrical voltage between this electrode and the workpiece removes material from the workpiece through electrical discharge. Because several electrodes are usually required to create a cavity in sinker EDM, the number of parts to be manufactured as well as their complexity quickly increase.

Automatically detect areas for sinker EDM

Let Tebis support you in the automatic search for all areas that still need to be machined after milling. This analysis before sinker EDM is based on the smallest milling tool used.

Quickly assemble a complete electrode

The burn surfaces of the electrode can be resolved from the geometry at the click of a button. Use powerful interactive graphical functions to lengthen and complete the electrode. A wizard guides the user through assembly of the complete electrode for sinker EDM – including the probe frame, base, holder and the requisite raw material.

Automated NC programming

The structured design of the electrodes means that they are perfectly prepared for for automated NC programming. This is achieved using the individually prepared machining sequences stored in libraries and material removal strategies proven in practice. Tebis uses these to calculate contiguous CNC programs fully automatically for roughing, finishing and residual stock machining.

Integrated quality control

Tebis ensures that you can manufacture with maximum quality in sinker EDM with quality assurance integrated in the process. This is achieved by measuring the electrode and transmitting offset data and the actual spark gap to the sinker EDM machine.

Management and process integration

Manage all data for sinker EDM in the transparent electrode management. In addition to the electrode, holder and blank, this includes the NC programs for milling, eroding paths, NC programs for measurement and the documentation. And for maximum automation – with flexible manufacturing cell for electrodes and sinker EDM – the electrode management provides all the necessary information for cell control. This ensures a reliable automated electrode process.

Additional functions for wire EDM

  • Create eroding paths
  • Create repeat electrodes
  • Create documentation
  • Holder and blank library
  • Completeness analysis
  • Multiple setup of electrodes

Your benefits in the overall process

  • Fast analysis of the required scope for sinker EDM
  • Quickly and easily assemble complete electrodes
  • Extensive NC functions with automation
  • Quality control integrated in the process
  • Fully automated electrode process with flexible manufacturing cells

What our customers are saying about EDM

We are currently achieving a savings of at least 25% per electrode in electrode design, which is certainly a significant potential with our production of more than 5,500 electrodes per year.

Andreas Schwab, Chief technology officer, BOSCH Formnebau GmbH, Mühlhausen, Germany


We achieved a 60 percent increase in manufacturing efficiency using sinker EDM.

Markus Rausch, Junior Director and Technical Operations Manager, RAUSCH formenbau GmbH, Hösbach, Germany


We are saving time, manufacturing much more effectively and achieving better results faster and with fewer personnel.

Kevin Taverner, Vice President, Hi-Tech Mold & Engineering, Inc., Fraser, MI, USA


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