2.5D milling of planar surfaces, contours and pockets

Simple and easily automated

Tebis includes all the strategies you need for machining open and closed 2.5D geometries like planar surfaces, contours and cavities. Options for roughing and finishing walls and bottoms are integrated: This enables complete manufacturing of special geometries with just one function.

At the same time, NC programming of prismatic ruled and free-form geometries can be automated very effectively with the Tebis feature technology.   

2.5D milling with Tebis

  • Direct milling on surfaces
  • End-to-end accounting for blanks
  • Axis-parallel, concentric and contour-parallel strategies for roughing and finishing
  • Tool-saving roughing in planes
  • Precise accounting for residual stock with material tracking
  • Fast roughing with integrated full-cut avoidance roughing strategies like adaptive HPC roughing
  • Optimal use of HFC tools: The contour of the virtual tool matches that of the actual tool one-to-one
  • Integrated path correction and support for multiple working planes
  • Automated machining of ruled and free-form geometries with feature technology and templates
  • Selective cycle-oriented NC output
  • Automatically determine starting and plunge positions as well as optimal traverse movements while accounting for the material situation
  • 5-sided complete machining in an NC program with collision checking and optimized retracts 
  • Appropriate NC paths for all machine types: Output linear NC paths or smoothed paths for optimal results on modern high-performance machines

Milling planar surfaces 

The part can be completely machined with just a single part selection – including roughing and finishing the bottom and finishing the flanks. For special cases, it is possible to manually move the tool across planar surfaces. The tool automatically avoids the protected surfaces. 

Machine planar surfaces (left) and finish adjacent flanks (right)

Manually guide the tool

Mill contour surfaces

In addition to Z-constant machining, 3D height curves can be optimally milled using the "Z-variable" strategy. Large amounts of material can be removed very quickly in downward machining with special tools. 

Side milling of contour surfaces

Plunge milling of contour surfaces

Milling pockets

Machine any circular pockets, slots, rectangular pockets or free-form pockets. Optimal NC paths based on the geometry: A special strategy is available for every geometry type. Flank and base surfaces can also be machined in spiral or helical paths. 

Adaptive roughing of pockets without full-cut machining

Complete machining of slots

Your benefits the overall process

  • End-to-end processing
  • Automated NC programming
  • Optimized processing time

What our customers are saying

With the 2.5D solution from Tebis... NC programs that we used to prepare in 40 to 60 minutes now only take 10 to 15 minutes to create.

Arno Volkmar, Sales Manager, RSB Rationelle Stahlbearbeitung


We work more efficiently and faster with Tebis and can significantly reduce machine run time. In fact, we are up to 50 percent faster working in 2.5D with aluminum and steel.

Matthias Sliwanski, Managing Partner, PROTO-TECHNIK Gesellschaft für Gestaltung technischer Produkte mbH


Tips from practice

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