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Customer benefit is at the heart of everything that the Tebis team does

For Tebis AG board members Bernhard Rindfleisch and Dr. Thomas Wrede, Tebis's secret to success lies in a close technology partnership with its customers and a culture of sustainable innovation. How the company is planning its journey from software manufacturer to process provider and setting its course for future growth – an interview with Bernhard Rindfleisch and Dr. Thomas Wrede.

Management interview


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Mr. Rindfleisch, the Tebis group employs approximately 300 employees around the world and generates revenues of roughly EUR 38 million annually. What is the source of your success?

Bernhard Rindfleisch: The foundation of our success lies in our close proximity to the user.
We see ourselves as process providers. Working with our customers, we develop optimal concepts that precisely match their individual requirements.

What is the role of the software in this process?

Bernhard Rindfleisch: The Tebis software is the foundation of our success because it sets global standards for the highest quality and productivity with outstanding functions. We have continuously optimized our software solutions over the years, especially for customers in die, model and mold manufacturing. Since 1984, the year Tebis was founded, we have often managed to be at the forefront of futuristic technology trends. An example of this is Tebis Automill®, a technology that supported the NC programming of complete parts across multiple surfaces as early as 1990. Or the Tebis NC simulator. This was the very first technology that enabled the realistic simulation of toolpaths with complete collision monitoring of all machine components based on virtual machine models. Now, Version 4.0 is setting new standards. With an innovative user interface and a broad spectrum of automation functions, we can further simplify our customers' processes and improve their competitiveness. But Tebis doesn't just provide the software; we also ensure its correct integration in the customers' individual processes.

This requires vast expertise and a strong portfolio.

Bernhard Rindfleisch: Of course: that's why our customers are so appreciative of their partnership with Tebis. We ensure maximum added value with our enormous implementation expertise in manufacturing and CAD technology, with training courses and strong ongoing support.

Tebis isn't the only CAM provider. How does Tebis successfully differentiate itself from the competition?

Bernhard Rindfleisch: As already mentioned, two key distinguishing features are the software and our excellent implementation experience. Another difference is our manufacturing-related consulting expertise. This makes Tebis highly attractive to customers, including new customers – even from other industries like mechanical engineering. Tebis Consulting plays an especially important role because it gives us a unique characteristic that sets us apart. Our advisors have been fully engaged in our customers' operating processes in the die, mold and model manufacturing industry for over 15 years – in design, development and engineering, in the shop and in manufacturing. No consulting or software company in this industry has greater expertise in consulting and service. This makes us unique.

What specifically does Tebis Consulting do?

Bernhard Rindfleisch: Tebis Consulting elaborates and implements value creation strategies that significantly optimize operating processes. For example, we improve setup processes and accelerate the flow of material and information. This can reduce downtime and increase utilization time. More and more single-part manufacturers can start implementing industrial manufacturing processes in Tebis.

Dr. Wrede, Tebis has experienced spectacular growth. But the environment has changed. Where do you see the challenges for the future?

Dr. Thomas Wrede: A central trend is the internationalization of the markets. When new CAD/CAM products are developed in less and less time, and more and more people draw upon a common knowledge pool, automation and standardization become especially important. We are working intensively to facilitate work with structured processes and to ensure the reliability of those processes. Thanks to the size of our company, our success and our international orientation, we are now bundling our products into an overall concept.

What does the overall concept look like, Dr. Wrede?

Dr. Thomas Wrede: We are strengthening the growth of our markets in North America, China and Japan. Our software therefore has a modern user interface designed to be used internationally, and it features a market-oriented product structure that can be implemented with maximum efficiency from design to manufacturing. We are strengthening our position in die, model and mold manufacturing as well as in mechanical and aerospace engineering. We are establishing Tebis as a supplier of processes, boosting our innovative power, and accelerating the time-to-market of new products. At the same time, we are focusing on growth and fostering a culture of responsibility, motivation and creativity.

This was noticed by the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner, who awarded Tebis the title of "Bavaria's Best 50," with Tebis now ranking among the most successful companies in the state.

Bernhard Rindfleisch: We are delighted with this recognition. We are seeing the success we anticipated from our orientation toward process solutions and growing our international presence. This award confirms that we are on course for success. Finally, we are doing everything possible to maximize our customers’ benefits and to realize our vision:
Tebis is becoming the high-quality global brand for creative engineering.

Mr. Rindfleisch, Dr. Wrede, thank you for this conversation.

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