The Tebis solution for deep drilling

Automated complete machining


No complex preparations, complete solutions for every requirement, a high degree of automation – with Tebis you can manage all machining tasks for deep-hole drill machining quickly and with absolute process reliability. All this requires is that you specify the process once in advance with process libraries and variables, including machining specifications. 

Preparing CAD geometry

Tebis offers you a special preparation function that covers all special requirements of deep drilling. The key advantage: Bores are classified as features in Tebis right from the start. They are therefore not pure CAD geometries, but rather "intelligent" elements that already include all relevant manufacturing-related information. This enables important work steps to be completely automated if desired during preparation. Subsequent CNC programming is significantly simplified and proceeds semi-automatically. The original part feature is retained unchanged for subsequent manufacturing steps You can conveniently and transparently manage all features in the feature library. 

  • Import data from the design system
  • Detect features from geometries with the feature scanner
  • Separate the bore from the part
  • Manually place features
  • Replace features
  • Group features according to the machining sequence and sort by tilt direction
  • Align, split, trim and extend features
  • Interactively adjust pilot depth
  • Automatically detect mirroring, and insert and extend on part
  • Change diameter and length
  • Trim and join features
  • Determine and stamp feature penetration
  • Automatically assign the optimal manufacturing strategy
  • Determine setups
  • Plan machine kinematics

Automatically detect bores and deep-hole drill machining and separate from the part

Automatically extend features

Automatically inserted gap areas with individual cutting data and feed rates

Generate CAM programs

In the strategy for deep drilling, you can define all the necessary parameters, including limitations, material entry and exit and control technology data. But thanks to template technology, CNC programmers do not need to figure out the correct settings: They simply select the template that fits the specific machining situation and select the machining elements. The optimal machining strategy is automatically assigned for the selected machine. 5-sided machining is generated for reliable processing, if desired. 

Preconfigure all required parameters

Automated machining with machining templates

Optimize NC machining

You can optimize the machining operation during simulation: You can reduce the number of machining tools, adjust the automatically determined tool lengths, check and change the clamping situation and check the machining operation for collisions with all components. 


Video: Deep-drilling process with Tebis and Cheto. 

Your benefits in the overall process

  • End-to-end solution
  • Consistent quality standard
  • High degree of reliability with standardized processes
  • Lower tool costs through consistent use of standard tools
  • Shorter programming and setup time
  • High degree of automation with simultaneous flexibility
  • No programming on the machine

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