Trim machining for thermoformed and composite parts

Greater productivity through offline programming

5-axis trim machining is often a great challenge: when trimming complex geometries, the tool must be guided at a defined angle (usually perpendicular to the part surface or parallel to a defined flank). At the same time, there must be no collisions with other part areas, clamping devices, and machine components. Therefore, it is a tedious process to create CNC programs for trimming in teach-in, blocking expensive manufacturing resources. You can regain this lost productivity using CNC programming in the Tebis CAD/CAM system. This applies to both vacuum-formed parts made out of thermoplastic materials and to parts made out of composite materials (e.g. carbon) as well as to parts clad with wood and with other natural materials.

Video: Trim machining with Tebis

This video shows trimming of an aluminum/plastic composite part for a center console. A collision-free CNC program for serial production is generated with just a few clicks. This requires that the tool tilt angle be changed within a tight space; the angle of the cut flank must simultaneously fulfill all functional and design requirements.


Adjust automatically and at any time

Tebis automatically calculates results for 5-axis trimming that you can change interactively and at any time. You can adjust the starting position and the spatial position of the machine head, just like the areas to be trimmed and their machining sequence. You can therefore integrate your own manufacturing expertise into programming. You can also easily handle deviations between CAD data and the real part (distortion, etc.).


Analysis for quality and efficiency.

Tebis supports you with many analysis functions during interactive programming for trim machining. You always maintain an overview of the rotation angle and area, tool tilt direction, and collisions. It is thus easy to optimize the machine's 5-axis rotation movements for fast and smooth machining. You can also adapt your manufacturing projects to the axis angle limits and the machines' unavoidable unwind movements. 

No lost time due to collisions.

Since Tebis models all of your manufacturing resources for trim machining as digital twins, you have a permanent overview of the entire machine situation. This way, you never miss a collision between the tool, spindle or head and the part, clamping devices, or other machine components. Tebis avoids many collisions with automatic interpolationThe collision analysis is always updated on all interactive changes in the toolpaths. All machining operations are therefore safely planned on the 5-axis machines. Lost time and money due to collisions are a thing of the past. 

Quickly achieve your goals with form elements

Standard form elements such as holes, slots, rectangles, triangles, pentagons, and hexagons as well as keyholes are automatically detected on trim machining. Your benefit: These geometry standards are transferred to the NC program as subprograms. The control and 5-axis machine can thus work in more targeted and rational processing. 

Adapt existing machining operations

Your machining operations are saved with all adaptations and individual settings in Tebis NCJob management. You can use transformation functions to quickly and easily generate NC programs from these for trim machining of workpieces with mirrored symmetry. The machine's kinematic limits are continuously monitored. 

 Tebis gives you options if you already have trimming programs from the past for which no CAD/CAM data exists. In only a few steps, reverse processors can transform the NC data back to NCJobs for further development.

Your benefits in the overall process

  • Fast and reliable creation of collision-free CNC programs
  • Detect and correct all problem areas before the 5-axis machine
  • Short cycle times for trim machining on the machine
  • High-quality trimmed parts

What our customers are saying about trim machining

Better parts faster in vacuum forming 

The software enables us to produce our parts more efficiently and precisely. We used to take a half a day to teach parts by hand. Now we can program it all in just half an hour.

Tim Spalton, Managing Director, Interform Manufacturing Ltd., High Wycombe, UK


Sophisticated thermoformed parts for commercial vehicles

If we weren't using Tebis, we wouldn't exist today in our present form and size. Our manufacturing times are now significantly shorter.

Jürgen Hopf, Managing Director, HOPF Kunststofftechnik GmbH, Besigheim-Ottmarsheim, Germany


Lightweight carbon fiber parts for the automotive and motorsports industries

When we decided to go with Tebis, we really hit the bull's-eye. Collision checking is very precise – better than in other systems.

Richard Kurz, NC programmer, Wethje Carbon Composites GmbH, Hengersberg, Germany


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