Manage manufacturing data with ProLeiS

Manage all manufacturing data and related documents

If you want to work efficiently, you need quick access to all relevant data. ProLeiS manufacturing data management provides current data to all employees involved in the process, selected specifically for their roles. ProLeiS therefore helps you speed up your processes and prevent errors. Endless searching for CAD files and other project documents is a thing of the past – as is continuous checking of the data for current status and the costly use of incorrect files in manufacturing. 

Controlled access privileges simplify work, because assigned subtasks can be processed in the specified sequence through role-specific access. ProLeiS manufacturing data management supports you from the first bill of materials to the last accompanying document.

Can be integrated in Tebis CAD/CAM and Viewer stations

Manage manufacturing data without leaving the Tebis CAD/CAM system: ProLeiS is always connected with your Tebis workstations via an online link. The user communicates with ProLeiS via the structure tree and Job Manager in the familiar Tebis CAD/CAM environment.


Centrally manage manufacturing data

Managing manufacturing data: All types of documents can be previewed in the ProLeiS data manager.  


Every manufacturing project generates many files: CAD files, NC programs, NC documentation and tool information, as well as project-related files in PDF or Excel format. ProLeiS manufacturing data management lets you centrally manage all files. Every participant stores their relevant files on a central server with the help of ProLeiS – structured by project and setup.  The files can also be found again just as easily. You can access your data from either the Tebis user interface or via the ProLeiS application. 

Import and export bills of materials

By importing a bill of materials – for example, from an Excel file – ProLeiS creates all the part objects for an assembly in the structure tree. The respective attributes can be imported and are freely configurable. You can generate bill of materials information directly from CATIA V5 and create NX designs. Bills of materials can also be exported as Excel files with just a few clicks. 

View in the bill of materials viewer


Automatically split CAD assembly files in individual Tebis CAD manufacturing files

Use ProLeiS to automatically generate individual CAD model files from a complete assembly file: for example, for cutting dies

You can automatically split assembly files in the original CAD format from Catia and NX into individual Tebis CAD model files, such as for tool assemblies, already during the interface run. You can then route this into your manufacturing processes – managed by ProLeiS.
Existing bills of materials are supplemented and linked with the CAD data. There is no more time consuming manual copying of the CAD geometry. Of course, files can also be imported by dragging and dropping.

Controlled access privileges

Every user has a specific role in the overall project process and performs different tasks. Therefore, each user only needs a specific portion of the overall data. In ProLeiS, you define roles and assign correspondingly controlled access privileges for each area of activity.
This makes the work easier for users: Each user sees only the files and subtasks that involve them.

Users receive different starting page views depending on their tasks and responsibilities.

Digital history

ProLeiS also supports the version numbering of files, so that the most up-to-date variant is always available. However, older versions can also be accessed at any time. The storid history enables revision tracking. Users release their data for the next work step. Data can also be immediately blocked when changes are made.
The risk of passing on outdated or incorrect documents is reduced by digitization. 

 Solution for individual customer requirements, proven in practice

Every production environment involves different challenges that need to be solved. Efficient management of manufacturing data is absolutely essential. As an experienced partner, we know about the complex conditions in the manufacturing world, and we support you in, flexibly adapting ProLeiS to your specific requirements. This includes integrating machines, systems and processes and training your personnel to use the ProLeiS MES software. It has been proven in practice to start with the machine data acquisition, manufacturing data management and manufacturing planning functions; this lays the groundworkfor complete representation of your order processing.


 Your benefits from the ProLeiS "Manufacturing data management" function:


  • Central management of the latest information
  • Faster, more reliable processes
  • Flexibility
  • Quickly respond to changing requirements
  • Improve order assignment


  • Automatically store manufacturing data
  • Automatically generate individual files from an assembly

End-to-end processing

  • ProLeiS is fully integrated in Tebis
  • Manage data without leaving the CAD/CAM system

What our customers are saying:

"ProLeiS lets us manage our project data and plan production completely, from design to assembly. Continuous updating of the control center in ProLeiS provides significant advantages for us as well as our customers. We utilize our resources optimally and therefore manufacture with very precise, on-time delivery. We also benefit from consistency in commercial and technical data."

Employees in work preparation
Siebenwurst GmbH & Co. KG, Dietfurt, Germany

Thanks to the order wizard and the planning templates, we can plan an entire vehicle type with just a few clicks of the mouse – it couldn't be easier.

Frank Eberhardt
Planner for Tooling and Equipment Manufacturing, Daimler AG, Sindelfingen, Germany

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