4th automotive industry summit in China

Trending topic – Industry 4.0: Tebis China holds keynote address


Tebis participated by giving a keynote address at the 4th automotive industry summit in China. Industry representatives from the entire country as well as from educational and research institutions came to discuss developmental trends in the industry.

Mr. Zhang Qiyi, head applications engineer at Tebis China, spoke to approximately 300 participants about Industry 4.0 and the Tebis CAD/CAM/MES solution as a platform for intelligent manufacturing. He discussed the far-reaching effects of intelligent manufacturing on the future of die manufacturing.

Zhang Qiyi explained that companies have to place more emphasis on automation and standardization. Intelligent manufacturing is promoted by the implementation of links transcending organizational and manufacturing processes as well as by software systems. Tebis offers a comprehensive Industry 4.0 solution to accomplish this and supports the implementation of intelligent manufacturing processes.

Tebis CAD/CAM software as an intelligent manufacturing platform on the shop level, in combination with the ProLeiS MES solution, helps companies improve their quality and competitiveness. This resonated with the visitors and elicited positive responses.


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