A clean solution – BLANCO chooses Tebis


Following an intensive selection process involving many bidders, BLANCO GmbH + Co KG, a manufacturer of sinks and kitchen fittings in Oberderdingen in Kraichgau, Germany, selected the Tebis CAD/CAM system.

The decision-makers at BLANCO based their selection of Tebis on a number of criteria. The manufacturing-related CAD plus CAM approach, for example, was convincing for them. This enabled Tebis to set itself apart already in active surface preparation, when the task was to open the radii on the draw die punch in order to avoid subsequent manual reworking.

In NC programming, BLANCO placed great value on perfect mirror-finish surfaces, which also leads to significantly less manual reworking. Tebis accomplishes this by calculating the NC programs directly from the precise mathematical surfaces of the CAD model instead of based on simplified substitute models. And a special distribution of the NC points ensures outstanding surface results, even for large surfaces or only slightly dished areas – just right for BLANCO's stainless steel sinks.

Tebis also demonstrated its efficiency in another area. The customer wanted 5-axis machining with a circular-segment cutter across surfaces for finishing the steep surfaces of a draw die punch. The radii in the cutting area of these high-performance cutters are much larger than for ball cutters, enabling a much larger stepover and therefore much faster machining. Tebis supports these tools with its precise cutter contour in all machining operations. And circumferential spiral machining could be offered as a special feature for the specified task. This enables finishing of the entire compound surface in a single pass without retracts, further improving surface quality and further reducing reworking.


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