New Tebis branch office opens in Chengdu


Tebis has opened an additional branch office in Chengdu, China, enabling it to tap into new markets in the west of the country. The region is focusing increasingly on smart production in industry. Intelligent manufacturing is an area where Tebis can contribute extensive expertise, helping to propel the west of China.

The city of Chengdu occupies a key position in the development of western China. The area comprises the industrial areas of Sichuan, Chongqing and Yunnan and extends to Shanxi and Hubei. This part of China is developing significantly faster than other areas; it has densely settled industrial areas and thus offers great market potential.

Increased efficiency through intelligent manufacturing

The new branch office enables Tebis to benefit from the potential in western China. The Chinese government is concluding many development plans for this region, in the context of the "One belt, one road" project. The branch in Chengdu makes it easier to bring the technical expertise of the German CAD/CAM/MES experts to the region. Benefits: With this local presence, Tebis can quickly meet the needs of the local and peripheral markets. Tebis software and services are especially suitable for implementing intelligent manufacturing. Their deployment can significantly improve the efficiency of the industry there.

We welcome all of our customers to our new branch office.

Tebis China branch in Chengdu

Sichuan Province 
Chengdu City
Gaoxin Area 
Tianfu Mainstreet Middle Section Nr. 530 
Dongfang Xiwang Tianxiang Square
Building B, Floor 38, Room 3812-S109


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