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A company like Tebis Informationssysteme AG has a lot to talk about: As an agile medium-sized company with headquarters in Martinsried near Munich, Germany, four additional locations in Germany and eight branches worldwide, we are growing internationally.

We reach key, catalyzing industries in the die, mold and model manufacturing, aerospace and automotive sectors. We participate in many trade fairs, offer our own seminars and training courses and cooperate with universities and professional associations. We can boast 30 years of successful market expertise and discuss meaningful topics for our customers – including Industry 4.0, the shortage of qualified personnel and the consequences and opportunities of disruption.

We present our topics and opinions in a wide range of formats – visitors to our website, readers of our brochures and subscribers to our newsletter know and appreciate the detailed and carefully researched background reports.
In order to keep our target groups informed up to the minute, we are also relying increasingly on fast up-to-date communications via social channels for much of our news – including trade fair news, rebate campaigns or training offers.

We are represented on Facebook, the largest social platform in the world, and we are also present on Xing and LinkedIn, the leading professional and career platforms. We have videos on a wide range of topics and fields on the YouTube video portal. Some "breaking" Tebis news will also certainly appear exclusively on the social channels.
As you can see, one or more of these communications platforms for Tebis could also be of interest for you. 

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