Tebis offers MES starter packages for ProLeiS

Cost-effective and convenient access to digital order control


Start now with digital manufacturing management and improve control over your processes in single-part manufacturing. ProLeiS, the Tebis MES solution, lets you work more efficiently and improve your order assignment. Tebis supports your start in the world of MES at two specifically selected points in project processing, namely, machine data acquisition and manufacturing data management. Experience shows that positive effects can be achieved immediately in these areas.

Digital order planning and control with an MES application (manufacturing execution system) connects your manufacturing with project management. You will always work with current data, improve your order assignment and ensure on-time delivery. The ProLeiS starter packages help you take a big step in this direction: You will make your manufacturing more reliable and always have an overview of your machines.

The fast track to initial success

We have already successfully guided many large and small companies along the path to digital manufacturing management. The concern that implementation in an ongoing operation would be too time-intensive and complex is understandable. However, our experience shows that this concern is unfounded: If you start at the right point, you will quickly benefit from initial results. And the ProLeiS starter packages

  • Machine data acquisition
  • Manufacturing data management

are designed to do just that. Immediately after implementation, you will see initial success, like data that are always current, statistics on manufacturing times or always having an up-to-date overview of shop status. This provides the starting point for new approaches to reasonable improvements that can further expand your digital manufacturing management as necessary. Try our reasonably priced ProLeiS "machine data acquisition" and "manufacturing data management" starter packages. Get started now and benefit immediately – we'll take care of the rest.

Usage statistics and diagrams provide an overview of the distribution and progress of production time and downtime.

Interested? Please contact us. Our experts will be happy to provide you with non-binding advice about ProLeiS and the starter packages. Click here to have us call you or respond by email:



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