The spirit of Christmas

Tebis is supporting social projects


In this year's "Donations rather than gifts" campaign, Tebis is once again supporting several carefully selected aid projects. The corresponding Christmas aid budget also includes the funds that, in the past, would have been budgeted for gifts for customers and partners...

Anyone who celebrates Christmas knows it well, the anticipation of the celebration of love, reflection and giving. Especially as Christmas approaches, we are even more saddened by the fact that so many people, including fellow citizens right in our midst, are suffering acute crises or are in constant need. 

Helping out in small ways

In our "Donations rather than gifts" campaign, we at Tebis want to make a small contribution to specifically alleviate a few of these unfortunate situations. Since 2015, we therefore no longer send gifts to our customers and partners, but rather transfer exactly this amount to the budget with which we support social projects for people in crises and emergency situations, especially for disadvantaged children and young people. An Internet address in our holiday card provides recipients with information about the support we are providing.

The total of seven aid organizations carefully selected by the employees in our main office in Martinsried near Munich as well as in Göppingen and Hannover, Germany, provide professional, dedicated work throughout the year to help people in a wide range of living conditions. Right here at home as well as in areas of crisis around the world. Organizations such as the Mitternachtsbus in Hamburg, SOS Children's Villages in Burundi and the WürmtalTisch food bank try to provide a little comfort and security to others. However, the projects have especially committed themselves to providing realistic perspectives on life to people in need. All this social commitment is both necessary and noble, and ultimately benefits society as a whole – but it does cost money.

Tebis supports the above organizations, all of which rely on donations, throughout the year and decided in 2015 to forgo Christmas gifts for customers and partners and to include the allotted money in its donation budget.

Bernhard Rindfleisch, Tebis chairman of the board, explains: "We recognize our social responsibility as a medium-sized company and we consider it essential that we make our contribution to the public good. This is corroborated by the positive feedback we have received to date from you, our dear customers and business partners, on the topic of "donations rather than gifts." At this point, we wish to once again specifically thank you for your generous responses and wish you a Merry Christmas."

We made donations to seven social projects in 2017. The organizations were able to receive the funds in good time thanks to the efficient support of dedicated Tebis employees. An overview of the individual projects is given below.


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