Automatically exchanging machine heads

We have extensively automated our NC programming with machining templates in the Job Manager. But now we have several different machines, some of which have various heads. If we change the machine in an NC program, we change the heads individually in all NC jobs. Is there an easier way?

Yes. You can configure the machining operations in the Job Manager so that the correct head is automatically assigned when the machine is changed. It is best to work with configuration elements when dealing with a multiple head machine. We recommend that you adjust your NC templates accordingly in advance.

Here's how you do it


Highlight a machining operation in the Job Manager. It is recommended that all machining operations be configured correspondingly.


Activate the "Heads" tab in the right-hand area of the dialog.


Open the context menu for the listed head in the "Head" column.


Select option "Replace by / [Automatic]“. The correct head will now be automatically assigned when you exchange the machine in an NCJob.


Use configuration elements when you want to change the head within a machining operation, for instance when milling machines with multiple heads. In our example, a different head should be used starting from the fourth NCJob in another NC program.


"Status [Automatic]" must be selected (cf. Step 4).


In the Job Manager, open the context menu for the NCJob, starting from which a different head should be used.


Select command "New / Configuration / Machine". A new machine configuration element is inserted.


Click "Machine select." The "Machine select" dialog opens.


Select the head to be used starting from this NCJob in the lower area of the dialog. The selected head is now automatically used for the current and all subsequent NCJobs in this NC program.


Configuration elements can be used to insert additional action changes between NCJobs within an NC program. For example, you can switch additional axes, insert comments or specify collision elements.

To learn more about exchanging machine heads, call up the context-sensitive help in the "Heads" tab for a machining operation in the Job Manager.

Call up the context-sensitive help for command "New configuration" in the context menu for an NC program or NCJob to learn more about configuration elements.


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