Determining suitable tools during planning

I discovered in the machine check that the tool I selected for an NCJob is too short. Now I have to replace the tool in the NCJob and recheck the machining operation for collisions. Can I also determine in advance which tool is right for my NCJob?

Yes. Tebis simulation lets you determine appropriate tilt directions and tools in advance during planning.

Here's how you do it


Select the "Simu/TPlan" command (Plan tools and tilt directions). The "Planning" dialog opens.


Select one or more elements that are critical to your machining operation. You can now move the tool along these elements with the left mouse button pressed.


The part violation is indicated with a red star. A yellow text banner appears next to it.


To select a different tool, click the "Tool" button on the machine control panel. The "Tool selection" dialog opens.


Select a longer tool and confirm your inputs.


The check shows that the new tool travels along this point with no collision.


To save the tool path as a text field, click "Save" in the "Planning dialog". You can quickly select the appropriate tool in NC programming. The tilt axis system is also saved.


In the "TPlan" function, open the context-sensitive help menu to learn more about how to plan with tools and tilt directions.


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