Project management increases productivity

Tebis Consulting at Josef Hofmann Modell- und Leuchtentechnik GmbH

Josef Hofmann Modell- und Leuchtentechnik GmbH sees itself as a partner in all matters of model manufacturing and lighting technology – from the lighting layout, design, mold manufacturing, prototype production and surface finishing to small-lot manufacturing. The company provides "everything from a single source, at top quality, cost-effectively and by the promised deadlines." This is a demanding challenge, requiring that customer orders be processed as professionally as possible.

In 2015, managing partner Andreas Hofmann asked Tebis Consulting for support, with the objective of improving project effectiveness and efficiency. His goal: Ensuring long-term performance and productive efficiency for customers. The in-depth practical knowledge of the Tebis process specialists was the determining factor for his choice.

  • Potential for improvement identified

    The initial task of Tebis Consulting was to secure specific customer projects in their implementation using project management methods and to prepare the company for the implementation of professional, comprehensive project management. Tebis personnel started their work at Hofmann with an analysis of the initial situation. The investigation revealed potential for improvement in several areas, such as incomplete communication and documentation of agreements with customers, unclearly written orders or incorrect recording of purchased parts. The reasons for these weaknesses included a lack of standards and structures, uncertain role assignments and a lack of project transparency. The Tebis process specialists developed a concept for project implementation at Hofmann, along with guidelines and templates for internal procedures and activities. These also took the company's strategic objectives into account.

    Measurement of models

  • Project management for the future

    They gathered and consolidated the necessary data to prepare for the introduction of a future project management system specifically tailored to the needs of the company. Through knowledge transfer, they increased the acceptance of standards and necessary procedures among Hofmann personnel. The first project phase was thus successfully concluded. Full implementation of project management took place in the second project phase, which was also successfully completed. Tasks in this phase included the implementation of a project management office (PMO) as well as the standardized implementation of a comprehensive project management software, organization of training sessions and the application of suitable methods to ensure the effectiveness of those responsible for projects. Tebis personnel worked closely with a dedicated co-project manager from Hofmann throughout both project phases. The positive cooperation was essential for the success of the project.

    The project manager from Hofmann was Christoph Bayer

  • Positive conclusion

    As a matter of fact, Hofmann is now better able to efficiently process its orders, deliver on time and work to the complete satisfaction of its customers. The basis for this is a significant increase in effectiveness and efficiency in customer projects with the help of Tebis Consulting. Smoother flow of information. Time and effort have been reduced and procedures have become more transparent. Andreas Hofmann thus concludes as follows: "With the support of Tebis AG, we were able to integrate professional and efficient project management in our company within a short time" The combination of technical and organizational process optimizations – in which Tebis AG supported us – gives our company an advantage in all areas. With this solution, which is perfectly adapted to our needs, we are now in a position to provide true added value to our customers. We will continue to rely on Tebis in the future."

    Deposition coating of parts


  • Awards all around

    The collaboration between Tebis and Hofmann is one of true professionals. It thus comes as no surprise that both companies have been awarded the title of “Bavaria’s Best 50,” placing them among the ranks of the most successful companies in the state. Hofmann received this award in 2014. Tebis received it in 2015. With this award, the Bavarian Ministry of the Economy each year honors the particularly fast-growing, mid-size companies.




With the support of Tebis AG, we were able to integrate professional and efficient project management in our company within a short time.



Implementation of project management


  • Ensure productive efficiency and a professional approach towards customers (OEMs)
  • Obtain competitive advantage in acquisition of new customers and projects
  • Complete projects as planned in terms of deadlines, costs, quality and scope


Model making


Josef Hofmann Modell- und Leuchtentechnik GmbH


Ingolstadt, Germany


Christoph Bayer, Andreas Hofmann


Project manager, managing partner



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