Die manufacturing

Tebis provides specific process solutions in die manufacturing that enable you to quickly and flexibly deliver the necessary results for every customer application. You can standardize and highly automate your NC program generation. You can also use powerful CAD functions to reduce manual reworking in tryout and keep unnecessary correction grinding to a minimum. All subprocesses can be easily combined thanks to the Job Manager and process libraries. Tebis solutions such as the small parts process can also be used in combination with an MES.


  • Tools and tool parts are reproducible
  • Duplicate for multiple production locations
  • Fast new fabrication on tool breakage
  • Manual machining steps are recorded, geometry is always current
  • Intuitive use
  • Easy-to-use functions
  • Significant time advantage, since Tebis can mill on both surfaces and meshes
  • High surface quality
  • Less manual reworking
  • Connection to various digitizing systems
  • Special packages for various requirements

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Die manufacturing


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