Focus on leadership

Successfully implementing changes with motivated personnel

Many different factors determine whether a company is successful or not. The relationship between management and personnel and personnel motivation deserve special attention.

The "Focus on leadership" seminar teaches the importance of vision and strategy as well as the basic principles of successfully managing a change process with motivated personnel.
All seminars are offered in German. English seminars are available on request.

Benefit from Tebis expertise:

Learn how to successfully and sustainably implement changes, about personnel roles and about the extreme importance of human interaction in successfully creating a functioning overall process.

The quality and intensity of the seminar and how well it covered the topic of process optimization exceeded all of my expectations.

Luwig Weiss, Dornbusch GmbH

Case studies of customer-to-customer relationships and single-part manufacturing clearly demonstrate the importance of a transparent and meaningful strategy with clear objectives. You can directly apply this knowledge in your own organization after the seminar. You will be better able to make and implement economic, organizational and personnel decisions.

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