Check and repair structure curves

I created curves using the "Create structure curves" function (NCPrep / Struct) and then selected them in the "Create toolpath on surfaces" function (NC3ax / MSurf). Now the simulation displays the error message "Guide curves not completely on tool offset surface." What can I do about this?

Smoothing may cause the curve or individual curve segments to be too far from the cutter offset surface to ensure good milling, resulting in the error message. The cutter offset surface describes the traverse path of the tool midpoint and is automatically generated. The "Create structure curves" function (NCPrep / Struct) in Tebis Version 4.0 Release 3 provides extensive possibilities for directly checking and repairing structure curves you created.

Here's how you do it


In our example, we used the "Default" option to project the initial curve (blue) on the cutter offset surface (orange) in the "Create structure curves" function (NCPrep / Struct), and have then smoothed it with a tolerance of 0.5 millimeters.


The further the curves are from the cutter offset surface, the more critical projecting them directly on the cutter offset surface without checking will be.


Click "Check curves".


Select the curve you want to check in the "Curves" parameter.


Click "Request analysis" for the "Offset surface" parameter. The curve is analyzed.


Red sections indicate that the distance from the cutter offset surface is so large that a good milling result cannot be guaranteed.


Smoothing can also cause the curve to lie outside the milling area. In this case, the NC calculation will be interrupted. Therefore, the curve should also be checked against the boundary. This is done by clicking "Request analysis" for the "Boundary" parameter.  


Then project the curve on the cutter offset surface again using the "Projection on tool offset" function.


Use the "Repair curves" function to check the guide curve for any reversals or folds.


Repair or smooth the curve with a smaller tolerance if necessary.


Now check the distance of the curve from the cutter offset surface again using the "Check curves" function. If the new curve is completely green, it is within the tolerances specified by the system.


Open the context-sensitive help in the "NCPrep/Struct" function for more information about projecting and checking guide curves.


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