Individualizing settings

We work with a central database.cnf, where many settings are already preconfigured. Now I would like to individually adjust several settings, such as those for storage behavior and message management. What's the best way to do this?

Tebis allows you to configure specific settings. These settings are then applied to your individual user account and saved in file user.cnf. The general settings in the database.cnf file are still retained.

Here's how you do it


You can call up the configuration without opening a file. Click the "Tebis" drop-down menu and select "Configuration". This opens the "Configuration" dialog.


It shows you only the settings that you can configure individually.


If you call up the configuration when a file is already open, you can see all the configurable settings along with the currently defined user settings.


Under "Storage behavior", you can select whether changes should be automatically saved when you close the CAD file and whether the file should be automatically compressed on closing. For example, use the "Message management" settings to specify whether and how many messages should be temporarily displayed.


To change the "Storage behavior", go to "Settings" in the tree structure and open the "System" folder. Select "Storage behavior".


To automatically save changes to the CAD file without a prompt when the file is closed, select the "Always save changes when closing" checkbox. To automatically compress files when they are closed, select the "Automatically compress file when closing" checkbox. This significantly reduces the quantity of data you have to store.


Confirm your inputs.


To change the "Message management" parameter, go to "Settings" in the tree structure and open the "System" folder. Select "Message management".


To temporarily display messages, select the "Temporarily display messages" checkbox. You can set the number of visible messages as well as the length of time they are displayed.


You can also configure special notification sounds and specify the maximum number of visible messages.


Confirm your inputs.


Open the context-sensitive help in the Configuration function to find more information about individual settings.


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