Only create reference points once

We are always setting up most of our parts in the same position on the machine. We are specifying the setup for each machining with vectors in the Job Manager. Is there a simpler way to do this?

Yes. You can define reference points in the simulator, the values of which can be imported in the Job Manager for setup. You only have to generate the reference points once in the Simulator.

Here's how you do it


In the Job Manager, call up function "Define reference axis system" (REFAXIS). The MACHINE SELECT dialog opens.


Select the desired machine and confirm. The MODIFY SETUP dialog opens. You can define the reference axis systems here.


Select the "New" command in the context menu for the NC machine entry. The system creates a new reference point.


Define the reference points, for example by entering coordinates. The position of the part is updated in real time in the graphics window.


In the Job Manager, select the machining step to which you want to assign a setup, and then click the "Modify setup" button. The MODIFY SETUP dialog opens.


Select the "Apply values" command in the context menu of the reference point entry. The SELECT REFERENCE POINT dialog opens. All of the reference points created with the "Define reference axis system" function are provided in a list.


Select the desired reference point and confirm.


As a general rule, libraries can only be edited locally When you're finished, make the machine library in which you created the reference points available again as an external library to all your colleagues.

Open the context-sensitive help in the SIMU/REFAXIS function to find more information about creating and managing reference points.

In the table of contents for the context-sensitive help, follow the path "Basic NC functionalities/Function group NCBASE / Create Job Manager / Machining or multiple setup / Parameters and options for machining or multiple setup" for more information about how parts can be aligned by selecting a setup on the virtual machine.


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