Perform NC calculations off-screen

We always completely prepare a component and then at the end calculate all machining operations at once. This process takes a lot of time for large components. Can this be optimized?

Yes. As of Version 3.5 Release 7, you have the option of letting the system calculate machining steps, NC programs, or individual NCJobs off-screen while you continue to work on-screen. For example, during the off-screen calculation, you can close gaps, set additional clamping devices, design surfaces for finishing, and more. The major benefit: You save a lot of time because you only need to prepare the component for the next calculation step. We’ll demonstrate the procedure using a feature scan performed in parallel with an off-screen calculation.

Here's how you do it


After you have prepared the component for roughing, select the "Execute in the offscreen" command in the context menu of the corresponding NC program.


During the off-screen calculation, the system deactivates the NCJobs that are currently calculated. If necessary, click the "Open progress bar for offscreen calculation" symbol to display the progress of the calculation.


While the calculation is still running, call up the FEATURE / SCAN function and scan the part for features. In a next step, 2.5D programs could be calculated and parallel setups structured.


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