Removing complex topologies

I want to extract only the rib area from this topology, in order to edit it separately. The area is relatively complex. What should I do?

Tebis has a very convenient function that makes it possible to easily extract even complex contour areas and store them on a separate layer, if required. You can combine various options with one other in a selection dialog.

Here's how you do it


Select the DESIGN/TOP/REMOVE function.


Select the topology from which you want to extract a contour area and confirm your entries. The REMOVE TOPOLOGY dialog opens.


In the view window, you can now select any number of trimmed surfaces to be extracted. You can expand the selection as needed. In our case, we activate the "Tangential" and "Color" options. All trimmed surfaces tangentially connected to the selected surface and of the same color are selected.


To get a better picture, it is recommended that you shift the view of the selected areas. Use the drag arrow, which is positioned by default along the Z-axis of the active axis system in the view window. Shift the view of the selected areas to the desired position.

Remember that this is only a temporary view position. In the CAD model, the position of the selected elements naturally remains unchanged.

If you want to select a different move axis, click "Define direction for shifting the selection."


The selection is not complete in our example. You need to add more surfaces to the selection. The easiest way is to use the "Shift view to selection" option. With this option, you toggle between the "shifted" view of the selected area and its actual position. Click the CHG button to activate the option.


In the shifted view, select the trimmed surface for which you want to display the original position in the view window, and confirm your entries. The position is switched.


Now select the other surfaces to be added to the selection. You can also test how the various add-on options will affect your selection. If you deactivate all options, the system only adds the surface that you have actually selected to the selection.


After you have selected all required elements, specify how you want to save the selection. You have the option to save the selection as individual surfaces or as a separate topology. You can also specify whether you want to keep the selection on the original layer or save it to the active layer.


If you have inadvertently selected elements that should not be part of the selection, you can deselect them. Click "Remove faces" and select the elements to be deselected.

In the REMOVE TOPOLOGY function, open the context-sensitive help menu to obtain more information about removing elements from a topology.


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