Selecting multiple elements of different types

I want to move all faces and topologies to a separate layer. Is there any way to use the "Select" function to select multiple elements of different types at the same time?

Yes. The "Select" function offers various combination options for selecting elements.

Here's how you do it


In your example, activate the layer in which you would like to move the elements and select command "Edit" in the context menu. The "Insert in..." dialog opens.


Activate the "Type" multi-select button in the top row of the selection dialog.


Select the "Face" element type.


Now hold down the Ctrl or Shift key and select additional element types. In our example, we also select the "Topology" element type.


Now, select one element from each of the selected element types in the display window. All the elements corresponding to these element types are automatically selected.


The "Selection" dialog box provides various combinations of options. For example, you can also restrict your selection to various element types of a specific color. You can do this by activating the "Col" multi-select button and then selecting the desired element types.


In the "Selection" dialog, open the context-sensitive "Help" to obtain more information on how to use selection filters.


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