MES software for efficient manufacturing management

Optimally utilize resources, manufacture on time and reduce costs

MES software (MES = manufacturing execution system) fully combines your manufacturing management with your manufacturing process. You receive clearly structured data from all areas for a detailed view of the situation. This lets you more effectively plan, control and monitor your projects.

Manufacturers in die and mold manufacturing typically produce the dies offered for the series production of sheet-metal and plastic parts under tight deadline conditions. Parts manufactured in-house as well as purchased parts must be delivered on time, fully assembled and with proven functionality. The manufacturing process involves many specialists who have to closely collaborate in order to stay within the specified budget and to ensure quality and on-time delivery. The ProLeiS MES software provides the platform for this cooperation.

ProLeiS (process, instrumentation and control system) from Tebis allows you to generate milestones and ensure controlled processes. You can optimize your machine utilization, plan the required outsourced manufacturing and assign the appropriate tasks to each specialist. Real-time data acquisition lets you maintain control, respond quickly to potential risks and deliver on time. A final analysis lets you optimize your subsequent projects. This digitization with data analysis provides the starting point for automating your processes. You can manage an increasingly complex manufacturing environment and begin implementing Industry 4.0.

Use data from multiple areas for manufacturing projects

ProLeiS MES software provides you with a precisely detailed planning and control console for successful manufacturing. It combines manufacturing and project management by centrally networking different software systems, process stations and people. This gives you a precise overview of your manufacturing projects. Role-Specific access enables you to give certain individuals specific subtasks that are then processed in the specified sequence. Any changes are clearly documented for all involved, and the part can be released for the next step. Project managers always maintain an overview of all processes. They can identify incipient errors at an early stage and react before a failure occurs.

A smooth exchange of information:

  • Simplifies precise project planning
  • Ensures full control
  • Minimizes risk and costs
  • Increases productivity

Typical project processing in ProLeiS MES software

The underlying objective of ProLeiS MES software from Tebis is to provide up-to-the-minute and globally visible resources, status and information from all manufacturing areas. This lays a good foundation for you to efficiently plan, control and monitor your manufacturing projects. You can optimize your machine utilization, ensure greater reliability and meet your delivery deadlines.

Plan project processing

In pre-planning, project managers prepare an initial calculation using planning documents and determine if the order is feasible. This lets them see whether sufficient resources are available in order to accept or decline the order. Order processing is specified with milestones in the subsequent planning phase. Information on subtasks and overall processing are provided in an overview and checklists. After detailed planning, scheduled and defined orders and subtasks are available for all employees and machines. Process templates for individual parts simplify the work in the following manufacturing steps.

The project overview shows the duration of the projects, details of the individual milestone sections and capacity utilization.


Plan resources

Planned utilization of a group of machines within a selected timeframe

Resource planning provides a specific implementation plan with assignments of machines and employees. The project manager assigns the respective subtasks to specific people via role-specific access. Automatic capacity synchronization ensures efficient utilization of resources.

Initiate CAD design based on templates

Data management in die design ensures thesimple import and management of the CAD data. The designer receives all the necessary parts to prepare the tool lists and bills of materials. 

 Initiate orders

Prepared bills of materials provide information on the required manufactured and purchased parts. Purchasers can order raw materials, purchased parts and components for machining tools on time. They can also order outsourced manufacturing.

Goods receiving and storage 

The stock manager records all supplied and manufactured parts using barcodes. These are compared with manufacturing planning so that the storage location and availability are known. The machine tool setter can prepare all the machining tools needed to start the manufacturing. 

Record supplied and manufactured parts with a barcode scanner.... 

... and manage the data transparently in ProLeiS.


Assign NC program calculation based on templates

NC programmers use the functions from manufacturing data management for controlled data storage and for simple data access. They work sequentially through the process list after detailed planning. They can use the "Splitter" application to subdivide entire CAD assemblies for manufacturing into individual CAD model files. They prepare the CAD data for NC programming and have the NC programs calculated.

Initiate tool setup for NC machines

The tool requirements have been defined by NC programming and go to tool setup as an order. This allows missing tools for the NC machines to be supplied on time to the machines.

Initiate machining 

The machine operator can process the manufacturing orders in the specified sequence once all of the necessary conditions have been fulfilled and the data are released:

  • Blank available
  • Tools available
  • Setups defined
  • Calculated toolpaths available

Resupply of the materials is initiated, if necessary. Suitable NC programs for the machines are output from the toolpaths. The parts are manufactured.

Register machine runtimes and status 

Machine data acquisition provides the current status of the NC machines in real time. This provides all the relevant data on machine runtimes and utilization in transparent form. Outages are detected and machine utilization is presented with statistics.

Machine status and runtimes are clearly displayed in ProLeiS.


Initiate assembly of all manufactured and purchased parts

The complete die is assembled from purchased and manufactured parts. A current overview of the assembly status of all parts is available. Digital access to the design and manufacturing data provides all assembly information.

Evaluate project

The acquired machine and manufacturing data enable the process to be analyzed for on-time delivery, capacity utilization and deviations in hours and costs. Errors are detected and subsequent processes can be optimized.

 Usage statistics and diagrams provide an overview of the distribution and progress of production time and downtime.

Using ProLeiS from Tebis

Tebis and ProLeiS are linked via an interface. ProLeiS automatically imports machining and NC program names from the Tebis Job Manager and creates a corresponding structure. 

If you already use Tebis CAD/CAM software, you can seamlessly integrate ProLeiS manufacturing data management into your work environment. ProLeiS data structures can be directly accessed from the Tebis user interface. This ensures that you open only current and released CAD files via the Tebis structure tree. ProLeiS also supports the NC programmer in storing calculated NC programs that have been postprocessed for the NC control. The same applies to NC documentation that has been generated with Tebis in PDF format, for example. There is no need to worry about filenames or storage locations.

Solution for individual customer requirements, proven in practice

Every production environment involves different challenges that have to be solved. As an experienced partner, we know about the complex conditions in the manufacturing world and support you in flexibly adapting ProLeiS to your specific requirements. This includes integrating machines, systems and processes and training your personnel to use the ProLeiS MES software. It has been proven in practice to start with the machine data acquisition, manufacturing data management and manufacturing planning functions; this lays the groundwork for complete representation of your order processing.


What our customers are saying:

“With the help of Tebis and Proleis, our machines are now operating at 90 percent capacity. We now need only three to four weeks for machining operations that used to take six to eight weeks."

Read more in the user report. "Double your productivity with Tebis and Proleis"

Rolf Hädicke and Mark Gras, Managing Directors of PS-Prototypenschmiede GmbH 


Your benefits with ProLeiS MES software:

End-to-end processing

  • Work across multiple areas
  • Combine manufacturing and management
  • Manage data without leaving Tebis


  • Automatically store manufacturing data
  • Automatically split assembly
  • Standardize processes


  • Improve order assignment
  • Ensure on-time delivery
  • Accelerate work activities


  • Centrally manage the most up-to-date information
  • Better project planning and control
  • Early detection of risks


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