Automation Starter Packs


Do you think you've automated your CAM programming...?

Every journey begins with a single step, a cliché but true. When it comes to automating your CAD/CAM manufacturing process, this is never more evident.  Automation begins with using simple templates to eliminate repeated tasks, but there is so much more you can do and so much further you can go to fully automate your processes. Join us for a two day “Entry to Automation” class where you’ll learn the automation capabilities within Tebis and take away a Starter Pack which will allow you to continue the process at your company. 

For a limited time, we are offering a two day, "Entry to Automation" training package to help customers migrate smoothly into automation.  This package will teach users how to accelerate standard, front-end automation tasks while providing them with the knowledge and confidence needed to implement their own automation standards.

For dates and times - contact Mary Hunter at or 248-524-0430 

 Option 1

Two days classroom (Troy/Windsor) training on Automaton Starter Pack

  • US $750 per person
  • Take home "Starter Pack" after training

Option 2

Two days on-site (customer location) training on Automation Starter Pack

  • US $2250 + travel costs
  • Take home "Starter Pack" after training




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