Tebis partners with WBA

CAD/CAM and MES at the Tool Making Academy Aachen


Tebis AG is now a cooperation partner with WBA Tool Making Academy Aachen GmbH, the leading research and education institute for die and mold manufacturing in Germany.

With its intensive cooperation with the institutes of RWTH Aachen as well as the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft in Aachen, WBA Tool Making Academy Aachen GmbH is a central meeting point for die and mold manufacturing companies. With over 25 employees focusing on die and mold manufacturing as well as its own demonstration tool shop, WBA establishes an intensive connection between science and industry.

"We are pleased by the opportunity this cooperation with WBA gives us to participate in an outstanding exchange of information and ideas on current technical and organizational developments in mold and die manufacturing," Tebis AG board member Dr. Thomas Wrede explains.

In addition to the digital networking in die manufacturing that can be experienced there, it is interesting for Tebis that WBA is represented as an ‘Industry 4.0 test environment on the platforms of various German federal ministries. "Tebis is heavily committed to the implementation of Industry 4.0 in die and mold manufacturing," Dr. Wrede stresses. "Furthermore, many of the research topics at WBA fit well with our focal points at Tebis, such as end-to-end CAx process chains, manufacturing automation or industrialization and process organization."

As the Cooperation Manager at Tebis AG, Martin Vortmann describes the special value of the cooperation: "We can see how WBA, with its network of more than 80 die manufacturing companies and suppliers which include many of Tebis's customers and further partners, approaches the problems faced by the industry and provides information on trends and developments in the market and the competition."

WBA shows how all effects of a design change on the downstream processes from work preparation to manufacturing are easily and transparently planned and controlled in the ProLeiS MES.

In the cooperative venture, the WBA demonstration tool shop uses the Tebis CAD/CAM products, including ProLeiS, the Tebis MES (Manufacturing Execution System). These die manufacturing projects benefit from the functions for manufacturing preparation, NC programming and NC automation specifically developed for these industry sectors

"All of the manufacturing technologies we represent – milling, turning, sinker EDM, grinding, wire EDM and measuring – can be handled on the Tebis CAD/CAM stations. Numerous interfaces enable good integration of these technologies with the other systems implemented at WBA and ensure effective communication in the many projects with our partners," explains Dr. Tobias Hensen, Deputy Managing Director at WBA.

Dr. Hensen also explains: "Tebis's virtual machine technology gives us maximum reliability to ensure smooth processing of all machining operations. We also benefit from the short machine run times of the NC programs."

ProLeiS provides a 3D view of the demonstration tool shop with the status displays for all involved machines and stations.

Planning and controlling of the orders in the demonstration tool shop by the planning, design, NC programming, manufacturing and assembly areas are represented by tools including the Tebis Proleis MES (Manufacturing Execution System). This technology establishes the basis for an Industry 4.0 environment in the typical single part manufacturing scenario in die and mold manufacturing


Interested parties can learn about the cooperation and the CAD/CAM and MES installation in the demonstration tool shop during the November 22 get-together in the context of the 17th international colloquium "Tool and Die Making for the Future" and the 2017 award ceremony for the "die manufacturer of the year."


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