Optimizing processes. Exploiting potential.

Tebis is your trusted partner for structuring and optimizing your processes with the Tebis CAD/CAM software. Our broad, in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and CAD technologies, postprocessors, virtual machines and training, guarantees maximum value creation for your everyday model, mold, die and machining needs. We perform all tasks and are a reliable supplier of effective design and manufacturing.

Seven advantages of Tebis Implementation

  1. Uniqueness
    You acquire unique in-depth manufacturing expertise.
  2. Dynamics
    Tebis software becomes the driver to your company's success.
  3. Foresight
    The strength of our experience lets you anticipate developments earlier.
  4. Expertise
    Get top-quality results and optimize all influencing factors.
  5. Pragmatism
    Achieve concrete success and accelerate your programming.
  6. Savings
    Reduce tool costs and minimize setup times.
  7. Increased productivity
    Shorten machine and operator times.

Exploit the full potential of Tebis software. Work together with our experts to develop the technological edge to make your company more successful. We'll show you how your design and manufacturing can be simpler, more structured, more standardized, more automated, and more cost-effective. We will support your organization in developing efficient, future-oriented design process and engineering. We can reinforce your team with expert CAD and NC services. Our portfolio also includes programming for postprocessors and virtual machines as well as professional user-training modules.



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